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The setting is a plush hotel room in Melbourne on the evening before Meg Bacon's wedding day. In the room, Meg and her two bridesmaids are relaxing and enjoying one last night of girlie fun before Meg walks down the aisle to wed James. In the background, Meg's mum, Colleen, is fussing around creating and solving one minor crisis after another as the excitement of the big day encroaches on them all.

But, unknown to Meg and the others, one of her bridesmaids, Lucy, harbours a secret. It is a secret so shocking that it could easily derail, deflate and destroy the big day. The question is, should Lucy tell Meg or should she keep the secret a secret? Will Colleen solve everything and why does a third bridesmaid show up on the wedding day? But, more importantly, will Meg get to marry James?

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Fri 27 Apr - Sat 5 May
Venue Opens
1hr prior
Doors open
30mins prior
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M- Moderate
Snack food only
Full Bar
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From the Ticketlink office during business hours or from the Rondo Theatre 1 hour prior to performance.
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Seating Plan

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